Getting Started with POM

Are you a parent of multiples looking for a way to connect with other parents with multiples? Parents of Multiples (POM) is a new community working to make that possible! We realize that today’s parents are busy – and often don’t have time to regularly attend in person meetings and events. POM is working towards making sure that every parent has access to a friendly, understanding, and vibrant community of parents – both online and offline.

POM’s vision is to create city and regional online clubs, that connect regularly through newsletters, forums, chats, and online groups. Additionally, as our clubs will have a tie to a geographic area, they will be encouraged to also have live, in-person events and outings. That way, you can always have a group to connect with – online or off. Best of all – you will be able to join any club as your main club and still be able to attend the events of others if you are traveling or temporarily located in another area.

We are excited to get started! Currently, we are in the formation process and have an online forum and group presence. If you would like to get involved in this project, please contact us and as spots become available in our beta program, we will send invitations out.

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